What will China's naval and air force equipment look like by 2030?

Author:admin  Time:2021-08-16 06:25:32
In 2030, China's total economy will exceed that of the United States, which is the basis for the development of Navy and air force! In 2030, the Navy will have at least four aircraft carriers, the stealth bomber of the air force will begin to take shape, the Navy will become a powerful blue water navy, and the air force will become a standard strategic air force!
In the last two decades, China's navy and air force have developed much faster than the United States
Since entering the new century, China's navy and air force have made great development, which can be directly reflected from the equipment: after 2000, the air force has been newly equipped with nearly 1000 third-generation fighters, nearly 100 fourth-generation stealth fighters, and the large transport aircraft Yun 20 is also in rapid production, with more than 100 Hong 6K with a strike capacity of 5000 kilometers, Air police 2000 and air police 500 are top early warning aircraft, and a strategic air force has taken shape.
In terms of the Navy, China has served two aircraft carriers since 2000. Domestic 80000 ton aircraft carriers are under construction, and nearly 40 advanced air defense destroyers, which is more than the sum of air defense destroyers from other countries except the United States. In particular, the performance of 0.55 million ton destroyers has crushed any other destroyer. In addition, more than 100 new frigates are in service, Underwater 093 and 094 two new nuclear submarines have mature performance. In the last two decades, China's navy and air force have developed much faster than the US Navy and the US air force.
To what extent will China's economy develop in ten years
In 2020, China's economic growth rate was 2.3%, which is the only country in the world to maintain positive growth. The economic growth rate of the United States in 2020 was - 3.5%. Compared with 2019, China's economy increased by $330 billion last year, while the United States decreased by $620 billion, which is equivalent to narrowing the total economic gap between China and the United States by $950 billion in 2020!
In 2020, China's total economic output will be $14.73 trillion and that of the United States will be $20.95 trillion, with a gap of $6.22 trillion. In the next 10 years, China's economy will easily surpass the United States by 2030 as long as the average annual growth rate remains above 5%. Economy is the foundation of military development. China's strong economic strength has laid the most solid foundation for the development of national defense strength.
How far will the Navy develop in ten years
At present, the third aircraft carrier of the navy is under construction and launching is just around the corner. According to China's mastery of aircraft carriers and ship construction capacity, at least two large aircraft carriers will be launched and put into service before 2030. China's first 055 was launched in 2017. At present, the first eight have been launched and two have been in service. At the same time, China has built and launched two 075 amphibious assault ships in three years.
According to the construction capacity and actual demand of such ships in China, the Navy will have at least 4 aircraft carriers in 2030, the number of 0.55 million ton destroyers will exceed 20, and the number of 075 amphibious attack aircraft and its subsequent improvements will reach about 6. By 2030, China's new generation of attack nuclear submarines and strategic nuclear submarines will also be in service. Ten years later, China's navy will become a powerful blue water navy!
How far will the air force develop in ten years
At present, China's third-generation fighters and fourth-generation fighters are being built in large quantities simultaneously. In 2030, 10 years later, all the second-generation fighters of the air force J-7 and J-8 will be retired. The number of third-generation fighters of the space-time army will exceed 1500, and half of them are third-generation and half fighters such as j-10c, j-16 and their subsequent modifications. In addition to the steady growth in the number of third-generation aircraft, from the current production of j-20, the number of fourth-generation stealth fighters of the air force will exceed 300 in 2030!
In 2030, the stealth strategic bombing opportunity of the air force will come into service and begin to take shape. The number of yun20 large transport aircraft will also reach hundreds. A large number of new early warning aircraft and refueling opportunities improved from yun20 will come into service. The overall strength of the space-time army will reach a new level and become a strategic air force with global strike capability!
By 2030, China's national defense strength will reach a new height. The improvement of China's national defense strength will greatly promote world peace and development. During a recent visit to Serbia, China's defense minister pointed out that the Chinese army will not allow such a thing to happen again (the minister refers to the bombing of China's embassy in Yugoslavia by US bombers in 1999). Behind this resounding is the strength of China's military strength. It can be said that the Chinese army will be more capable of protecting its own country in 10 years! Back