Give full play to the talents and develop together. Talents are essential for the development and competitiveness of an enterprise. Kerry Electronics regards talents as the first resource of the enterprise. Our fundamental premise and principle of enterprise development are to rely on talents and respect them, and the fundamental task of our talent strategy is to push the mutual development of the enterprise and the employees. In the practice of human resources, Kerry Electronics is good at providing a stage for all kinds of talents to give full play to their talent so as to make use of the talents and their capabilities to the full. Meanwhile, by various effective ways, we continuously improve the management level of our human resources and the comprehensive quality of the talents to promote the mutual development of the enterprise and the employees, and share the achievements of the enterprise with the employees, achieving both mutual development and shared success.

Give full play to the talents and their capabilities. Kerry Electronics adheres to the people-oriented business philosophy, persists in attracting people with bright development prospects and inspiring them with wonderful career goals. By establishing a scientific and effective talent mechanism, the enterprise creates a positive and good growing environment for talents, aims to provide a stage for every employee to fully play his talent and chances and platforms for all kinds of talents to achieve success and self-realization by continuously creating opportunities for personal development. In terms of employment, Kerry Electronics adheres to the concept of respecting talents and innovation. We don't judge people by their educational background or diploma, but their performances, abilities and potential. By establishing a fair competition mechanism and a good cultural environment, we fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of every employee so that the employees love their job and do their best. What they do suits them well and gives full play to their talent.

Develop together and share success. An enterprise won't succeed without the efforts of the employees, nor will the employees succeed without the success of the enterprise. Kerry Electronics insists on the talent development philosophy that the employees grow and develop together with the enterprise. We encourage the employees to combine self-development with enterprise's long-term plans and provide various growth paths and development modes. As a platform for employees' development, improvement and value realization, Kerry Electronics makes great efforts to create good growing conditions and provide broad development space for every employee who is determined to become a talent, so that the employees can exert their maximum potential, realizing the mutual development of the employees and the enterprise.

Kerry Electronic adheres to the concept of equality and talent care. There is no difference of people in status but duties. The enterprise respects employees’ personalities and pursuits, encourages them to improve their own abilities, and recognizes their achievements. At the same time, we adhere to the concept that the development of the enterprise depends on and serves the employees, and the achievements must be shared with them. We focus on the benefits of both sides, advocate unity and cooperation between the enterprise and the employees to create and share values at work, and finally realize the win-win situation of mutual development and shared success between the enterprise and the employees.

Give full play
to the talents and
develop together

Give full play
to the talents and
their capabilities

Develop together
and share success

Everyone is
equal and cares
for talents